solutions As a property owner, you’re aware of the costs and constant oversight involved with keeping a building running smoothly. To help you in both those areas, a group of young entrepreneurs from within the energy industry formed Power Up Energy.

Building Management/Automation

Need more precise controls for heating and cooling individual floors or units? Seeking more capable, more specific lighting management throughout your building? That and a world more can be achieved with the wonders of affordable, innovative technologies.

In partnership with Direct Management Controls , Power Up assists the plan and design of full-scale building automation projects to conserve energy, deliver unparalleled building control, enhance tenant comfort and safety, and ensure eligibility for enrollment in demand response programs. We also stand behind installation and training.

Active Monthly Monitoring

The most powerful energy savings are the result of active, ongoing monitoring. By way of hands-on oversight, adjusting, reporting, and analysis, your building’s utmost energy efficiency is ensured. The resulting impact on your bottom line is quite remarkable.

At Power Up, we approach monitoring as a collaborative undertaking. Under affordable yearly subscription contracts, we work with your team to keep track of daily consumption levels, occupant feedback, and the performance of your systems and installed controls