Hello! Welcome to Green Project Capital. If you’re visiting our site, you know that progress often requires purchasing power. Good thing, then, that we share the same sentiment. Green Project Capital was founded on a simple and single goal: to financially assist property owners that are committed, through energy efficiency, to drive change for a better environment and a cleaner planet Earth.
Retrofitting? Obtain financing that fits you To qualify for financing through our fund, your application must meet certain criteria required to establish that it is indeed a green project. Once approved, our lending officers design a financing program that suits your needs, covers all the costs of various green upgrades and retrofits, and offers a repayment plan that protects your capital.
Keep upfront costs to an absolute zero. The idea of financing your green projects is actually quite simple: At Green Project Capital, we believe that everyone would ideally want to run their buildings in the most eco-conscious manner. That’s why we make financing available, bringing the possibility of positive change within reach of more property owners – at no upfront cost to them.